• Global Reach

    Andersen Global is comprised of 1,800 professionals with a presence in 59 locations worldwide. Our growth is a byproduct of the outstanding client service delivered by our people, the best professionals in the industry. Our objective isn’t to be the biggest firm, it is to provide best-in-class client services in seamless fashion across the globe.

  • Client Service

    Our professionals share a common background and vision and are selected based on quality, like-mindedness, and commitment to client service. Outstanding client service has and will continue to be our top priority.

  • Shared Values

    Each and every one of the professionals and member firms that are a part of Andersen Global share our core values ensuring the delivery of best-in-class service in a seamless and consistent manner worldwide.

  • One Firm

    We are building Andersen Global to create an enduring place – ONE FIRM where clients across the globe are afforded the best, most comprehensive tax services provided by skilled staff with the highest standards.


Our professionals work together closely, regardless of geographic location, to ensure the delivery of best-in-class, seamless service to our clients worldwide.

Mohammad Nour Al-Abdullahi

Associate / Trainee - Amman

Mohammad is a trainee associate at Andersen in Jordan in the litigation department, which is the department concerned with registering cases, attending sessions, following up on procedures and following up on the implementation of judicial rulings until the case is completed in full. Legal, which includes multiple goals such as translating theoretical academic courses into practical application at Yarmouk University and holding multiple workshops and field visits aimed at providing the law student with the skills necessary for practical application in the next stage, in cooperation with the judiciary. She also wrote several legal research papers in the field of criminal law.